Ultra Mode

Ultra Mode is a new gamemode you can access by clicking the arrows left and right on the Title screen (be careful, changing modes ends the run in progress). Monsters here have an Energy Shield you need to destroy to attack their HP to win. Before looting Ultra gear, you will need gems like Energy Shield+1 to grant you some Energy Shield points, or Charged Attack gem+1 to break Enemy Shields faster.

The goal is to go as far as possible, to loot Catalysts and Ultra gear to make your life easier. Early weapons will decrease your total AP, but the important part is to get Energy Attack to break enemy shields faster than they can destroy yours. A couple of Energy Shields+1 can cover quite some distance, and the first Boss drops them if you don't want to go for additional Goldfarming runs in Normal Mode.


Energy Shield

This Shield bar protects the HP bar from being hit, and you can get yourself one. The goal is to break the enemy's before it breaks yours, as attacking the Enemy Shield while having no Shield yourself will zap you (you're hit for 20% of your max HP), and the monster will still attack afterwards. Vampire Necklace doesn't work on Enemy Shield, but is still mandatory for the HP fight, if only for the later bosses.

Ultra armors and gems will increase your Energy Shield. The first gem, Energy Shield+1, can be bought for 90mil Gold, but also drops from the first Boss, in zone 75500. It is important to stack as many as you can to beat further bosses for better armors, then weapons.

Charged Attack

Charged Attack is what you use to attack Enemy Shields. You are given 2% of your total AP as Charged Attack, then Ultra weapons and gems like Charged Attack ones can increase it. Since you will likely start Ultra Mode with Razor Blade+10, early Ultra weapons will give less Charged Attack, making them useless until upgraded to a certain grade. It is better to wait for a decent Ultra weapon (Sharp Falchion and above) and upgrade an Ultra armor instead.

The Alchemist

Located below spawn (cross either portal to meet him and the Blacksmith), the Alchemist can merge 3x of the same Accessory (up to a limit) or Ultra gem (up to +2, you unlock a further tier of a gem by looting the first one of this gem) for 20 Catalysts into the higher tier. It is a great way to obtain Energy Shields+2 early to beat further bosses.

The second option for the Alchemist is still a mystery.

The Blacksmith

This is where you will upgrade your Ultra gear using Soul Shards and Catalysts, up to +15 (+11 and above are quite expensive, it is advised not to go over +10 until getting the best items). For 50 Catalysts per slot (3 available), The Blacksmith can also Insert a gem (various Accessories, but prefer Ultra gems) in your Ultra weapons & armors. Insert 3 Shields+1/+2 in your armor to free your sets of a few slots, and Charged Attack or other gems in your weapon, and you will drastically improve your runs! You can Extract a gem for 100 Catalysts if you need to recover any.


Catalyst Chests all have a chance to appear as a Mimic, visible when you get close to them. They are mini-bosses giving 2 Energy back and can loot All of the items from Normal Mode. Approach carefully and be prepared, they are way stronger than the bosses around their zone level. The 3 different tiers of Mimics (green -> blue -> purple) also drop a different amount of Catalysts for beating them.


[wip] If you’re in mid-game, the 62500 AGI and 52000 LUC thresholds will give you 24% crit / 20% double rate. In late/endgame, stat the 450k LUC to max droprates first. By killing early bosses with Gold Scroll and taking all chests, you’ll easily end up with 50m Gold to buy 3 droprate boosts for Boss 400k+427k, Boss 439k+448k and Boss 476k+500k.

Stats advised: 52,000 or 450k LUC, 62,500 AGI, Half AP -> Half DP -> All HP until 1,5m HP base, then apply enough DP to meet the requirements listed here, and go All AP when you don't need any more DP.


[wip] All stats given are achieved using Shield of God+5 and no Suppressing gem.

The number given to each Boss is to visualize your progress through the guide, they are listed by optimal routing and not by level ordering.

Let's start! Go south to take the right exit, and head north-east to zone 75,500 for the first boss.

At the point where you can Boss Rush up to #29 Boss 230,200,
if you need a trip to the Alchemist & Blacksmith,
save the first 5 bosses to kill after him.

#1 Boss 75,500 Damage: X,XXX (Shield Damage: 27,690) at 2mil DP
Drops: Stone Crusher, Energy Shield+1

Enter the cave, and follow the path.

#2 Boss 85,500 Damage: X,XXX (Shield Damage: 33,198) at 2mil DP
Drops: Torn Shirt, Charged Attack gem+1

Go on further, at the split go east (west is a shortcut to zone 230,200), and exit the cave. The next boss is to the right.

#3 (Chest)Boss 106,400 Damage: X,XXX (Shield Damage: 45,590) at 3mil DP
Drops: Iron Axe

Turn back to the other side and down to the next cave. At the split in the cave, take the bottom-right path for the next boss.

#4 Boss 109,900 Damage: X,XXX (Shield Damage: 50,332) at 3mil DP
Drops: Battered Armor

Backtrack to the split and take the bottom-left path this time, make your way through the cave and meet the boss outside.

#5 (Chest)Boss 118,200 Damage: X,XXX (Shield Damage: 52,867) at 3,5mil DP
Drops: Sharp Falchion

Run back through all the cave system until zone 75,500. Go full south to hug the cliff to the right, walk until zone 89,100. The next boss is right below.

#6 Boss 92,550 Damage: X,XXX (Shield Damage: 37,257) at 3,5mil DP
Drops: Charged Attack gem+1

Turn back north-west to enter zone 90,900’s cave. Proceed to the split and go to the bottom-right end.

#7 Boss 102,100 Damage: X,XXX (Shield Damage: 42,957) at 3,5mil DP
Drops: Worn Rags

Back to the split, make your way through the top-right path until leaving the cave. The next boss is to your right.

#8 (Chest)Boss 112,000 Damage: X,XXX (Shield Damage: 49,074) at 3,5mil DP
Drops: none

Run back to zone 90,900. Go around the trees to your right to enter the next cave, in zone 92,550. The cave is a straight path, the next boss awaits past the other end’s exit.

#9 (Chest)Boss 120,500 Damage: X,XXX (Shield Damage: 54,464) at 3,5mil DP
Drops: E-shield Absorb gem+1

Run back to zone 92,550. Go south-east until zone 98,000. Head east in zone 107,000, the next boss will be just above.

#10 (Chest)Boss 110,000 Damage: X,XXX (Shield Damage: 47,823) at 3,5mil DP
Drops: Cleaver, E-Shield Reflection gem+1

Go south-east until zone 113,000, continue south-east there, and go up when you can.

#11 Boss 120,400 Damage: X,XXX (Shield Damage: 54,400) at 4mil DP
Drops: Leather Jacket

Go down to proceed through the trees, ignore the cave for now.

The chest in zone 128,000 can be accessed by going all the way around the trees

Proceed full east until the dead end where the next boss awaits.

#12 (Chest)Boss 145,000 Damage: X,XXX (Shield Damage: 70,450) at 5mil DP
Drops: Magic Cape

Run back to the cave entrance you went past. Inside, proceed until the split and take the top path.

#13 Boss 139,200 Damage: X,XXX (Shield Damage: 66,628) at 5mil DP
Drops: Redister gem+1

Backtrack to the split to take the other path. At the next split, go to the right.

#14 Boss 143,000 Damage: X,XXX (Shield Damage: 69,394) at 5mil DP
Drops: Suppressing gem+1

Backtrack a bit to take the final way to the left.

#15 (Chest)Boss 155,555 Damage: X,XXX (Shield Damage: 77,417) at 6mil DP
Drops: Accumulating Stone+1

Leave the cave. Run all the way back to zone 113,000 to head north, until being at the border to zone 118,000.

Go around the lake to your right from below for a hidden chest in zone 115,000, just below you

Take the small gap going up until being back on the paths, go full north-west in the 120k+ zones.

#16 Boss 128,300 Damage: X,XXX (Shield Damage: 59,497) at 6mil DP
Drops: Persistent Breastplate

Move south and to the left around the lake to meet the next boss.

#17 (Chest)Boss 133,300 Damage: X,XXX (Shield Damage: 62,757) at 6mil DP
Drops: Morning Star

Run back to zone 122,000 to go north-east, and enter the cave. Follow it until the split and go right.

#18 (Chest)Boss 144,440 Damage: X,XXX (Shield Damage: 70,080) at 6mil DP
Drops: Smashing Club, Energy Generator gem+1

Backtrack to the split to go left instead.

#19 Boss 138,400 Damage: X,XXX (Shield Damage: 66,102) at 6mil DP
Drops: Suppressing gem+1

Keep going through the cave until the exit. Outside, go west then south until the other cave entrance. The next boss awaits full north in this cave.

There is a hidden chest in the bottom-right corner of zone 163,550 before the boss

#20 Boss 165,666 Damage: X,XXX (Shield Damage: 84,060) at 6,5mil DP
Drops: Casual Armor

Run all the way back to the cave entrance in zone 122,000, and north-west to zone 157,000. Head north-west for the next boss.

#21 Boss 163,500 Damage: X,XXX (Shield Damage: 82,642) at 6,5mil DP
Drops: none

Backtrack a bit to go full east until zone 164,000, then full south.

#22 (Chest)Boss 168,000 Damage: X,XXX (Shield Damage: 85,584) at 6,7mil DP
Drops: Solar Sword, Redister gem+1

Run back to the Cemetary entrance (zone 161,600), to head west until you can go north-east in zone 179,500.

#23 Boss 179,500 Damage: X,XXX (Shield Damage: 93,007) at 8mil DP
Drops: Platinum Armor, Accumulating Stone+1

Sneak through the blue flames on the left, then behind the columns and trees to get the hidden chest on the right

Get out and head north-west to meet new ruins, go around its left border to head towards the chest. The boss will prevent you from reaching it.

#24 (Chest)Boss 177,000 Damage: X,XXX (Shield Damage: 91,408) at 7,7mil DP
Drops: Strong Sheathing

Get the chest then go south then west until zone 172,000, then north-west in zone 180,800. Head full north then full east in the bottom-right corner of zone 186,000. There is a hidden path in the trees leading to the next boss.

#25 (Chest)Boss 199,000 Damage: X,XXX (Shield Damage: 105,097) at 10,5mil DP
Drops: none

Turn back straight north-west for the next boss.

#26 Boss 195,000 Damage: X,XXX (Shield Damage: 102,683) at 10mil DP
Drops: Fortune Dagger, Energy Shield+2

Backtrack to zone 180,800 for the next path to the left, that goes north-west to the next boss.

#27 Boss 199,200 Damage: X,XXX (Shield Damage: 105,217) at 10,5mil DP
Drops: Wizard Cape, Energy Shield+2

Enter the cave and follow it.

#28 Boss 208,400 Damage: X,XXX (Shield Damage: 110,607) at 12mil DP
Drops: Iron Fist, Energy Shield+2

Continue through the cave and ignore the exit in the middle, there is another boss further.

#29 Boss 230,200 Damage: 1,222,773 (Shield Damage: 122,277) at 15,5mil DP
Drops: Energy Shield+2

Further is the very first cave near spawn, so you can go use Catalysts at the Blacksmith & Alchemist to the cost of around 6 energy

Else go back to the exit you passed. Head down the stairs south-east for the next boss.

#30 Boss 235,000 Damage: X,XXX (Shield Damage: 124,597) at 16,5mil DP
Drops: none

Head full east to the next boss.

#31 (Chest)Boss 241,000 Damage: X,XXX (Shield Damage: 127,350) at 18mil DP
Drops: Katar of Revenge, Charged Attack gem+2

Follow the path above until the zone 247,000 split, head towards the right part first. Go south-east to sneak around the ruins, there is a chest to the left. The boss will prevent you from reaching it.

#32 (Chest)Boss 255,500 Damage: X,XXX (Shield Damage: 133,262) at 21,5mil DP
Drops: Fate Crusher, E-shield Absorb gem+2

Run back above the ruins to meet the next boss.

#33 Boss 256,000 Damage: X,XXX (Shield Damage: 133,446) at 21,5mil DP
Drops: Full Plate, E-shield Reflexion gem+2

The maze above leads to a chest in the bottom left side of zone 259,000

Above are shortcuts to higher zones we’ll visit later. Backtrack to the zone 247,000 split to take the left path instead, all the way to the boss.

#34 (Chest)Boss 255,000 Damage: X,XXX (Shield Damage: 133,077) at 21,5mil DP
Drops: Elf Robe

Turn back then up to the castle.

#35 Boss 260,000 Damage: X,XXX (Shield Damage: 137,265) at 23mil DP
Drops: Dagger of Counter

Long way ahead, work on the 31mDEF! Head to the left (right is a dead end) to enter the castle and follow the straight path. Outside, go straight up (left is a dead end) to enter the castle again. Keep going until zone 304,400, go up for the next boss.

#36 (Chest) Boss 304,400 Damage: X,XXX (Shield Damage: 191,172) at 31mil DP
Drops: Dragon Tooth, Nobleman Clothes, Suppressing gem+2

Head back to the split to follow the last path. Once outside, go left.

#37 Boss 319,000 Damage: X,XXX (Shield Damage: 203,515) at 32,5mil DP
Drops: Laminar Armor, E-shield Generator+2

The upper path past him has a chest, and lower path is a dead end

Head to the other side, take the east path (south path is a dead end) up to zone 328,000. Cross the door and walk to the next boss.

#38 Boss 338,000 Damage: X,XXX (Shield Damage: 219,916) at 35,5mil DP
Drops: Sword of Night, Redister gem+2

A hidden chest is sitting at the upper right side of the garden

Enter the castle up to zone 341,400. At the split, go north first.

#39 (Chest)Boss 345,600 Damage: X,XXX (Shield Damage: 226,582) at 37mil DP
Drops: Shotel

Proceed through the other path until the end.

#40 Boss 353,353 Damage: X,XXX (Shield Damage: 233,445) at 37,7mil DP
Drops: Energy Shield+3

Take the exit to meet the next boss at the entrance of The Crimson.

#41 Boss 361,000 Damage: 2,402,745 (Shield Damage: 240,274) at 38,7mil DP
Drops: Soldier’s Glory

Follow the right path (left is a dead end), going north-east to the next boss.

#42 (Chest)Boss 375,000 Damage: 2,529,330 (Shield Damage: 252,933) at 41mil DP
Drops: Kaiser

Go up to zone 381,000 to take the right path to the Sunken City. Continue to zone 392,000, and go full east to zone 405,000. The next boss awaits here at the entrance of The Tower (upcoming?), further is a dead end.

#43 Boss 405,000 Damage: 2,807,272 (Shield Damage: 280,727) at 45,1mil DP
Drops: Solid Breastplate

Head back south-west for the next boss.

#44 (Chest)Boss 399,000 Damage: 2,750,960 (Shield Damage: 275,096) at 45,1mil DP
Drops: Charged Attack gem+3

Backtrack to zone 392,000 and head full south for the next boss guarding the exit back to the zone 256,000+ maze.

#45 Boss 398,000 Damage: 2,741,609 (Shield Damage: 274,160) at 45,1mil DP
Drops: Desert Guard, Charged Attack gem+3

Long way ahead again, work on the 48,5mDEF needed for Boss 427k. Go south-east into zone 274,000, and cross the trees to follow the edge until the cave entrance. Follow the path inside to encounter the next boss.

#46 Boss 325,200 Damage: X,XXX (Shield Damage: 208,825) at 45,1mil DP
Drops: Berserk Knuckle, Red Evil Cloth

Head to the left part and take the right path once in zone 345,400 (left is a dead end) to the next boss.

#47 (Chest)Boss 355,500 Damage: X,XXX (Shield Damage: 235,356) at 45,1mil DP
Drops: Enchanted Leather, Accumulating Stone+2

Backtrack to zone 325,500 and take the right path leading to the exit, sending you back to zone 178,000 in the graveyard. Go through the trees north to meet the next boss above.

#48 Boss 400,000 Damage: X,XXX (Shield Damage: 276,032) at 45,1mil DP
Drops: Slaughter, E-shield Absorb gem+3

Proceed through and stay on the walkway to take left at zone 420,000, leading to the next boss (full north is a dead end).

#49 (Chest)Boss 427,000 Damage: 3,016,816 (Shield Damage: 301,681) at 48,5mil DP
Drops: Award Armor, E-shield Reflexion gem+3

Backtrack south to exit the walkway by zone 404,000's stairs. Head north-east to zone 416,000.

Head south-east to take the hidden chest in the trees of zone 412,000

Head full north to enter the next walkway in zone 424,000. Follow it until taking the stairs in zone 437,000, to go south-west and meet the next boss (large hitbox, be careful).

#50 Boss 439,000 Damage: X,XXX (Shield Damage: 313,313) at 50,5mil DP
Drops: Crooked Sword

Enter the next walkway at zone 439,000, take the right path and up to the next boss.

#51 Boss 448,000 Damage: X,XXX (Shield Damage: 322,129) at 52mil DP
Drops: Executioner, Suppressing gem+3

Backtrack to go south until zone 452,000, exit the walkway here (further is a dead end), go left for the next boss.

#52 (Chest)Boss 458,000 Damage: 3,320,179 (Shield Damage: 332,017) at 53,5mil DP
Drops: Light Path, Redister gem+3

Head east between the walkways, trees and pillars to enter the final walkway in zone 468,000. Follow the lower path (upper path is a dead end) to the next boss.

#53 (Chest)Boss 476,000 Damage: X,XXX (Shield Damage: 350,062) at 56,5mil DP
Drops: Basilisk Breastplate, Energy Generator gem+3

Continue on the path to reach the current final boss at the end.

#54 Boss 500,000 Damage: 3,749,077 (Shield Damage: 374,907) at 60,5mil DP
Drops: Mace of Madness, Accumulating Stone+3

Backtrack to zone 439,000 to take the shortcut back north and west (Sunken City -> Crimson). Run full west to zone 440,200 for the next boss.

#55 Boss 440,200 Damage: 3,144,839 (Shield Damage: 314,483) at 60,5mil DP
Drops: Toothy Club

Enter the Crimson Nests. Proceed through to meet the next boss.

#56 Boss 508,000 Damage: X,XXX (Shield Damage: 382,912) at 63,5mil DP
Drops: Powerful Axe

Head south-west to take the Chest at 490,000. Return north-east and go through zone 504,000 to reach an exit. Outside, head south-west for the next boss.

#57 (Chest)Boss 482,000 Damage: X,XXX (Shield Damage: 356,146) at 63,5mil DP
Drops: Meteorite Armor

Turn back and follow the west path to enter the Nests in zone 447,000. Go on until zone 425,000’s split and take the left path for the next boss.

#58 (Chest)Boss 433,000 Damage: X,XXX (Shield Damage: 307,479) at 63,5mil DP
Drops: Night Scream

Go back to the split (the east path brings back to the Crimson entrance) and return outside from zone 440,500 above. Backtrack to zone 508,000 and head north-west to follow the path to boss 528,000.

#59 Boss 528,000 Damage: X,XXX (Shield Damage: 403,940) at 65,5mil DP
Drops: Shelter Clothes

Proceed through to take the exit. Follow the path to zone 551,000 for the next boss.

#60 Boss 551,000 Damage: X,XXX (Shield Damage: 428,591) at 69mil DP
Drops: Charged Attack gem+4

Proceed onwards to enter the Nests again. Follow the path until the next boss in zone 580,000.

#61 Boss 580,000 Damage: X,XXX (Shield Damage: 460,383) at 74,5mil DP
Drops: Impermeability Plate, E-Shield Absorb gem+4

Proceed through the Nests until zone 600,000. Bosses from this point will require an Absorb gem to activate when their skill is ready (after 5 hits). This skill can easily oneshot you if you don't Absorb it.

#62 (Chest)Boss 600,000 Damage: 4,827,668 (Shield Damage: 482,766) at 78mil DP
Drops: Assaulter's Katzbalger, E-Shield Reflection gem+4

Proceed to exit the Nests. Head south then north-east for a chest. Go back on the path to proceed to enter the Celestial Gardens. Take the north path and follow it until zone 639,000’s split, the next boss is upstairs to the left.

#63 Boss 642,000 Damage: 5,309,820 (Shield Damage: 530,982) at 86mil DP
Drops: Supreme Guard, Suppressing gem+4

Go back to continue on, take the first set of stairs, and go straight south from zone 666,000. Follow the path to zone 675,000.

#64 Boss 678,000 Damage: 5,736,056 (Shield Damage: 573,605) at 94mil DP
Drops: Sura Rampage, Energy Generator gem+4

Enter the portal to the Celestial Ruins. Follow the top path leading to zone 696,000.

#65 (Chest)Boss 696,000 Damage: 5,954,355 (Shield Damage: 595,435) at 96mil DP
Drops: Gladiator Sword

Go back to take the other path going down to zone 705,000.

#66 Boss 705,000 Damage: 6,063,537 (Shield Damage: 606,353) at 98,5mil DP
Drops: Ripper, Charged Attack gem+5

[Further is locked for now]

Backtrack outside to zone 666,000 and go full east, and up to zone 703,000.

#67 Boss 703,000 Damage: 6,039,051 (Shield Damage: 603,905) at 98,5mil DP
Drops: Dedicated

Enter the cave, get to zone 712,000’s split and follow the west path.

#68 Boss 684,500 Damage: 5,814,285 (Shield Damage: 581,428) at 98,5mil DP
Drops: Diabolical Pass

Return to the split and head east, then up to zone 718,000. Beating the boss will remove the energy wall below.

#69 Boss 718,000 Damage: X,XXX (Shield Damage: 663,849) at 105mil DP
Drops: Dark Way, E-Shield Absorb gem+5

Turn back to the opened path and follow it until the exit (take the chest on the way). Follow the path outside, zone 755,000 has a chest behind the tree. Grind your way up to Boss 800,000.

#70 (Chest)Boss 800,000 Damage: 7,995,453 (Shield Damage: 799,545) at 117mil DP
Drops: Crown Tooth, E-Shield Reflection gem+5
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